HB TEKNİK | Mission and Vision
The aim of HB TEKNİK is to be the leading company in the sector in which it is located, with its qualified engineers, project designers, licensed project design software in necessary and sufficient technology computers.
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HB TEKNIK was established in 1994 in order to operate in the field of Electrical Engineering Project and Consultancy services. Innovative, team-oriented, analytical thinking on problem solving and qualified staff with systematic approach, in line with today’s technological developments and international standards, various engineering and drawing programs such as AutoCad, Revit, Simaris and Dialux are used. HB TEKNIK has completed many important projects in Turkey and abroad while keeping customer satisfaction and quality in the forefront. It has a strong reference list with the Electric projects which are designed in different building categories. By following the national and international standards and regulations and by using ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System effectively, it has become one of the leading companies in its field. HB TEKNİK, which has a wide engineering team, has been operating in Feradis Group since 2013.HB TEKNİK provides project and consultancy services with qualified engineers, project designers, licensed project design software in necessary and sufficient technology computers in the field of Electrical Engineering. The company has been extending its market share and competition power by completing the requirements and expectations of Electrical Engineering Project Controlling Services appropriate to respond to the requirements of the client and companies that are economic, feasible and compliant with national and when necessary, international technical standards, regulations and specifications, including any legal company regulations and terms, and submitting these to its customers on time.Planning, observation, continuous improvement and realization of the Quality Management System are under the power and responsibility of the executive management, all concerning administrators and all employees in the first degree. If there are any issues not applied in the Quality Management System for any reasons, if these issues are inadequate, it is every employee’s right and duty to request these to be changed and improved continuously. HB TEKNİK commits to conform to the term of QMS and improve its efficiency continuously.The company management prepares an annual training program in order to respond and realize the technical know-how requirements of the personnel deployed and to take the project services to the suggested level of quality and gives planned and out of the plan trainings when necessary to the personnel.The company management and personnel carry out all the works with the awareness that the safety of the facility where the Electrical Engineering Project Service is rendered and the safety of the people working in that facility is subject to the preparation of an electricity project compliant for the correct and international standards. For this reason, a Quality Management System was constituted, HB Teknik Company directors and all employees commit to work in accordance with the system.